Creating value in addition to the medical offer

Patient focus and the genuinely innovative environment of our sector benefits to all our activities.

Naturally, the service offering is constantly evolving to improve the patient experience and provide the healthcare professional with more value.

The care given to welcoming and caring for our patients is a guiding principle in our laboratories. It is the subject of our "patient charter" and an innovation dynamics that takes into account the specific needs of each individual.

Nicolas Garnier

Strategy & Customer Relations Director of Cerba HealthCare

To improve the patient experience

  • Pregnant women with CerbaMam

    A guide and a dedicated pathway for the entire biology of pregnancy.  
    Discover our CerbaMam
  • Children (0 -7 years old), with CerbaKids

    A space dedicated for children in waiting rooms, a fun mobile app, an adapted approach from our teams in the laboratory, specific sampling equipment
    Discover CerbaKids
  • People suffering from anxiety with CerbaZen

    A virtual reality headset for an immersive and soothing experience that was approved by more than 90% of patients. 
    Discover CerbaZen

A web service for our patients

Cerballiance provides a national patient area on its website that brings together all the network laboratories.

Patients can access their test results and follow certain parameters on charts.

Cerballiance also relies on a partnership with an online appointment booking platform to avoid unnecessary travel for the patient.

To simplify the work
of healthcare professionals 

We have innovated to offer:

  • A smartphone app that allows nurses to manage the scheduling of home sampling, scan prescriptions and send them to the laboratory immediately.
  • Connected prescriptions that allow physicians to send prescriptions to the clinics' partner laboratories and results to be received in the business software.

These convenient and time-saving solutions enable an optimised and more fluid care pathway.

Medical innovation,
our driving force to improving everyone's health

Medical innovation has been in the DNA of Cerba HealthCare for over 50 years. We are involved in the entire diagnosis value chain: first line clinical pathology, clinical research, specialised clinical pathology, veterinary clinical pathology,
anatomocytopathology or even medical imaging, and for all therapeutic fields.
Our goal: better assess the risk of disease development, detect and diagnose diseases earlier and enable personalised treatments in order to achieve greater efficacy.