For fair and responsible clinical pathology 

In 2015, we created Institut Cerba, an endowment fund designed to promote and develop solidarity and citizen health actions in France and worldwide. Alongside associations and its public and institutional partners, Institut Cerba works to support patients, healthcare professionals and research teams. 

Institut Cerba’s missions:

  • accès à une biologie innovante

    Contribute to providing information to healthcare professionals and educating the general public

  • soutenir

    Support and promote research and innovation in clinical pathology

  • icon management

    Ensure that everyone has the same access to high-quality and innovative clinical pathology

With a sharp focus on serving the public interest, we are driven by values of solidarity and generosity, which reflect the Group's culture.

Dr Jean-Michel Damien

President of Institut Cerba

Our causes

Institut Cerba's beneficiaries include the Association Française Des Intolérants Au Gluten (AFDIAG), the Association Médecine pour Tous, the African public health NGO AMREF, the Association Laurette Fugain
and many others. Institut Cerba has also chosen to encourage Group employees' community and humanitarian efforts by supporting the projects of several winners every year. 

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