4 core values common to all our activities


    We act with the utmost rigor to improve the quality of our services and develop the men and the women of the Company to bring out the best of each one in the service of all.

    We are committed to patients, healthcare professionals, our business and institutional partners to deliver accurate and useful results for improving everyone’s health.

    We promote entrepreneurial spirit and the taking of initiatives to dare and explore new ways to advance diagnosis.

    We consider each individual with kindness and cultivate respect in our relationships with our teams, partners, healthcare professionals and patients for whom we work every day.

For me, respect in the office is just an extension of behavior outside the company: treating everyone equally whatever their position. And I've noticed that respect often triggers respect. The power of this value is that it is accessible to everyone and benefits everyone.

Karina Thos

Office manager at Cerba HealthCare

Excellence in Clinical Lab Operations means delivering the highest quality results in the shortest possible time. Our team in Italia is dedicated to make sure that patients get the very best of our cutting-edge technology and digitized services, because we believe excellence should not just be measured in outcomes, but also feel in the patient's journey.

Marco Pesavento

Lean Flow Optimization Manager & Transformation Lead at Cerba HealthCare Italia

Commitment is an important value that means going the extra mile and thinking beyond the scope of my job. I believe it is crucial for everyone within the company to be aware of the business we are working in. Focusing on the patient behind the samples gives me positive energy and helps me to develop a culture of quality while driving me to continuously look for solutions and energize my colleagues and team to do the same.

Jenny De Pessimier

General Manager Belgium/UK at Cerba Research

For me, boldness means the ability to step out of one's comfort zone, to defy habits and break codes. By offering the opportunity to keep my job as a clinical pathologist specializing in genetics while being expatriated in Gabon, the Group gave me quite a sample! In my speciality, where innovation is key, creativity and boldness are the driving forces behind meeting new challenges.

Armelle Luscan

Clinical pathologist at Cerba