Our corporate social responsibility

At Cerba HealthCare, we believe that corporate social responsibility is inherent in our commitment to advancing health and patient care. Aligned with our business, CSR also takes shape in the areas of human capital, business ethics and respect for the environment. 


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Cerba HealtCare's CSR strategy




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    Contributing to the health of all


    Developing human capital


    Reduce the impact of our business on the environment


    Promote exemplary business ethics

Commited to parity and diversity in our teams

Cerba HealthCare has a history of promoting a culture of inclusion and diversity within its teams.

In 2022, the Group made a commitment to reach 45% of women among its “management committees” population by 2028.

For fair and responsible clinical pathology 

Institut Cerba, an endowment fund created in 2015, reflects Cerba HealthCare's commitment to promoting and developing solidarity and citizen health actions in France and worldwide. 

Driven to grow together 

In 2016, Cerba HealthCare created the first Corporate University in the clinical pathology sector with a twofold objective: provide career opportunities for the Group's employees and foster a momentum of knowledge and experience sharing.  

Committed to preserve the climate

We are committed to helping protect our planet, beyond the rigorous management of waste from our laboratories.
With the completion of its first carbon footprint in 2021 and its goal of aligning with the Paris Climate Agreement, the Group is embarking on a transformation process across all its activities.

Business ethics 

Within the Group and in our relationships with suppliers, we strive to apply the principles of our ethical charter to all our activities and behaviour.

In addition to complying with applicable regulations, Cerba HealthCare is also involved in issues relating to the good management of patient and employee personal data, prevention of all forms of corruption and vigilance regarding its risks in its own operations and supply chain.


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