A key player 

of the healthcare continuum 

Before any drug can be authorised for sale it must undergo a rigorous process of clinical trials to validate its effectiveness and determine its side effects. Conducted at international level, these studies integrate a range of clinical pathology tests that represent a key element in the production of evidence in medicine. 

  • Tests cliniques 200

    oncology trials since 2018

  • analyses par jour 600

    infectious disease trials since 2018

  • 40

    Cell & Gene therapy trials since 2018 (50% in Phase 1)

Serving the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and in vitro diagnostics industries.


We combine the deep expertise and agility of the specialist laboratory with the capacity, breadth and global reach of a central lab, providing the best of both worlds.

Our unique approach to patient data offers our customers the opportunity to have one partner for all their test services, with regular access and consistent support across all clinical trial phases.

Cerba Research, a combined offer:

  • A Global Central Lab

    committed to providing the most innovative scientific solutions in a personalized manner.
  • A global Specialty lab

    with access to state of the art technologies for trials.
  • A unique approach to patient data

    that offers our customers the opportunity to have one partner for all their test services.

Our comprehensive lab infrastructure, global footprint and proven processes mean that today we: 

Have access to biomedical and genetic data from over 50 million patients per year from across Europe, Africa and North America.

Have the ability to sequence 1000-plus whole human genomes per week. 

Offer unique access to Africa’s growing population including diverse samples for non-clinical research.

Provide a gateway for customers to conduct studies in China and offer broad local capabilities within an integrated global solution.